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We are a house cleaning brand with a unique refillable system. Our products are made for sustainability - get our dispenser bottles once and then refill them with our 50ml concentrated capsules. Each capsule diluted with water is equal to 500ml professional quality cleaner.

The concentrate capsule contains 95% less plastic than any other brand's regular bottle.


In today's reality, mankind increasingly leave waste including hazardous waste. Disposable plastic fills water and earth and affects both animals and humans. We have found a new and, most importantly, fun way to reduce plastic consumption!


It's a very important factor for any person. By buying the concentrate, you save about 60% of the budget of house cleaning, because by buying concentrated capsules, you do not have to overpay for the entire amount of packaging, labels, dispensers and caps.

In addition, any household cleaner consists of 80-90% water. Using the concentrate, you can easily add water at home!


We do not use SLES, SLS, phosphates, parabens, aggressive acids and alkalis in our products, but only safe preparations with biodegradable ingredients. It is important to us that you do not worry about yourself and your home. All DUTYBOX products are certified for ecological industrial safety, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and SGR 0+.


Our concentrated capsules are manufactured using the latest high-quality equipment specially designed for us at our individual request. The working speed allows to produce 4'200 thousand capsules per hour, and the process is automated at the touch of a few buttons. We call it magic! Highly qualified specialists monitor the correct use of raw materials, work accuracy and product quality.

Reusable DUTYBOX bottles are made of safe HDPE granules and are 30% recycled. Next year we will increase this figure to 50% and in the future we will switch to the production of containers from 100% recycled materials!

We don't use additional product labels and we're proud of it! Our company is one of the first in Europe that has fully mastered the screen printing process and adapted it to itself. Each DUTYBOX bottle has its own color coding and individual information. The quality of the ink is constantly checked, and the printing process itself is complicated and labor-intensive. However, we create a bold and innovative product, and that is why we use the best methods.


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