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DutyBox Helps Cut Down Single-Use Plastic By 95%

Everybody knows about the plastic pollution problem - we have figured out how to help our nature, and you can be a part of it.

According to this article by The European Parliament, household goods and construction make up around 42% of your total plastic-product use. As much as that may seem, plastic packaging quickly takes number one, making up to approximately 40% by itself.

"In Europe, energy recovery is the most used way to dispose of plastic waste, followed by landfill. Some 30% of all the generated plastic waste is collected for recycling."

 That is much better than previous statistics have shown but is still a far way to reach an 80% recycling rate.

The low share of plastic recycling in the EU means significant losses for the economy and the environment. About 95% of the value of plastic packaging material disappears after a short first-use cycle.

What does all of this exactly mean? Are we just going to continue to produce large amounts of plastic packaging and recycle a third of it?

Not exactly. There is a plan for all plastic packaging to be recyclable by 2030 and other measures to make plastic recycling more manageable and more accessible for everyone. Just remember that all of these measures are useless without the actual act of recycling.

We can wait around and wait while some rules and regulations come into effect, or we could start right now, at this very moment. There are so many ways you can cut down on single-use plastic.



The focus of Dutybox is to provide you with a powerful cleaning solution that is made with environmentally friendly products and leaves a minimal plastic footprint.                                              

Start using our re-usable bottles that are made from recycled plastics to dispense your cleaning detergent. Cut down on plastic using our concentrate capsules that can be recycled and stop shipping water worldwide and spreading carbon emissions. Just use the water you already have at your house.

It's a simple yet effective way to reduce plastic waste. Are you ready to take part in the biggest mission humankind ever had and make our nature plastic-free?

Then start your journey here: CLEANING STARTER BOX MAX

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